SQLTags — an open source SQL tag generator for JSP development

SQLTags — an open source SQL tag generator for JSP development
University of California, Berkeley, CA

SQLTags is an open source tool that is, fundamentally, a JSP tag generator that builds a custom JSP tag for every table in your SQL relational database. These generated tags provide a powerful, yet easy-to-understand, tool for rapid JSP development. SQLTags will decrease development time, improve quality, and improve maintainability of any database driven JSP application, guaranteed.

The generated classes provide the following functionality based on the underlying table:

Basic table features

  • JavaBean style assessors and mutators for each column
  • Support for all “DML” operations: insert, update, and delete
  • Iteration based on JDBC record sets and a given where clause
  • Non-trivial support for BLOB and CLOB data types

Foreign key features

  • Direct access to any column within a related table based on “imported” foreign key name
  • Access to children record sets based on “exported” foreign key names
  • Automatic master-detail nesting based on foreign key names

Servlet and JSP integration

  • Seamless integration with the servlet “request object”
  • Automatically calls column mutators when the servlet request object contains parameters matching column names
  • Built-in array processing of multi-record row sets from the servlet request object

Additional Features

  • Built-in paging
  • Built-in caching
  • Easy master-detail nesting based on foreign key names
  • Tag attributes for each column’s: value, select format, and bind format

The following documentation is for SQLTags only.

Please refer to individual websites for documentation on thrid party software

Please refer to the Developer’s Guide (sqltags-devguide.pdf) found in the “/doc” directory of the standard SQLTags distribution for detailed instructions on installing and using SQLTags.

Prerequisits See the developers’ Guide for more detailed Requirements.

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) version 1.3 or later
  • “java.exe” and “javac.exe” accessible via $PATH
  • CLASSPATH must include the sqltags-0.x.x.jar file and the JDBC Driver for your database

Setup (for the impatient)

  • Copy the “sqltags-0.x.x.jar” and your JDBC jar files into the WEB-INF/lib/ directory
  • Add the Jar files (including JDBC) to your CLASSPATH
  • Run the SQLTags Generator and build your custom tag library. Save the generated jar file into the WEB-INF/lib/ directory


    java -classpath sqltags-x-x-x.jar;anyJdbc.jar SQLTags 


    java -classpath sqltags-x-x-x.jar:anyJdbc.jar SQLTags 

Be sure that both “jar” files (above) are in the web server’s CLASSPATH
create a “properties” file to describe the database connection and place it into the WEB-INF/ directory

    # Sample SQLTags.properties