Stan Tyan

is currently a Data Scientist at Yousician. His foray into data science started when he landed a marketing data analytics role at Uber and had a blast from transforming raw data into problem-solving insights.

Previously, he joined Wrike as a product data analyst, created actionable insights that drove decision making, identified product opportunities, defined metrics for the product and was analysing performance of experiments for teams across the company.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Computing from the University of Westminster at London, UK, and holds a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the Dongguk University at Seoul, South Korea.

So far, he has been fortunate enough to work with companies such as…

Companies Stan Tyan Worked with

Professional Resume (Download PDF) ↓


  • SQL
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • Looker
  • A/B testing
  • Spark
  • Redshift
  • MongoDB
  • Pentaho Data
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords
  • AdWords Mobile
  • Google Services APIs


  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualisation
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing

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