Some beats to enjoy during work or play.

Music is life

I spend a good amount of time listening to music while I work, workout or relax. Here are some of the playlists I listen to and love on Spotify.

Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi ⟶

Ludovico Einaudi — my favourite songs by this amazing pianist and composer. Around an hour of inspirational solo piano music. Tags: #classic #piano #instrumental #ludovicoeinaudi

Young Wild And Free

Young Wild And Free ⟶

Young wild and free. Around an hour of hip-hop and upbeat tracks from Wiz Khalifa, Miles Ali, Mac Miller, Hoodie Allen and others. Tags: #young #wild #free

Movie Soundtracks

Movie Soundtracks ⟶

Movie soundtracks. Just over two hours of my most favourite soundtracks and music from movies such as 500 Days of Summer, A Lot like Love, Amelie, Scrubs TV Show and others. Tags: #movie #soundtrack #ost

What Feelings Sound Like

What Feelings Sound Like ⟶

What feelings sound like. Just over three hours of songs about love from Roxette, 3 Doors Down, James Blunt, James Morrison, Michael Bublé, Bon Jovi and others. Tags: #feelings #love #romantic

Shut The Fuck Up And Train

Shut The Fuck Up And Train ⟶

Eleven hours of the best tracks for your most hard working gym day from 2Pac, DMX, Eminem, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, The Prodigy and others. Tags: #gym #workout #bodybuilding #powerlifting

High School Days

High School Days ⟶

Over two hours of my favourite tunes from high school days by Crazy Town, Backstreet Boys, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cranberries and others. Tags: #school

Greatest Songs Of All Time

The Greatest Songs Of All Time ⟶

Around six hours of the greatest songs of all time from Jamiroquai, Queen, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, RHCP, Kings of Convenience and others. Tags: #goat #classic #best

Rave Your Mind

Rave Your Mind ⟶

Rave your mind. Around two hours of dance rave music from 1990s from ATB, Scooter, The Prodigy and others. Tags: #rave #atb #scooter #prodigy

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