Unleash Your Inner Musician Unleash Your Inner Musician

Unleash Your Inner Musician

Today, when I was looking for some guitar lesson videos to play along with on Youtube, an ad popped up before the video played. Now normally I begrudgingly wait the required 5-15 seconds and skip the ad, but this one had my attention.

Presenting Yousician where you can learn how to play the guitar with a series of video tutorials and games that test your skills, earning you points so you can move up levels. Games + Learning? Cool! I’m in!

So, I checked it out. Turns out it’s made by the same folks who make GuitarTuna (the tuner I learned about a few months ago) — arguably the most popular guitar tuner app both on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Now, I had tried to check out the GuitarBots before, but you had to keep adding friends in order to unlock anything, even the very first lesson. It was made with the hope to make the game viral, but personally I was not a fan of such aggresive way to invite my friends. Yousician doesn’t have these same restrictions and I could sign up and play right away!

It started off very quickly introducing ideas of reading tabs music (which took other lesson sites a while to get to), and playing along with music to a beat in a game-like fashion. You do not have to download a utility driver for the program to work, it works well out of the box. The videos are nice and short, and you can replay them if you want to, and then it goes right into playing a game! The platform accesses your smartphone’s microphone and can tell if you’re playing the right note at the right timing to the music. Sound recognition is simply outstanding. Only downside I can tell so far is that you either have to keep the background music soft, play loud, or wear headphones so that the smartphone can pick up your guitar sound better.

Here’s a little screencast of me playing along with one of the levels I unlocked. Yes, that’s really me playing!